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A few years ago, I realized that I really needed some new clothes to look better at work and feel more confident. I started focusing carefully on everything I needed in order to enjoy a better look, and it was amazing to see how many different pieces I needed. However, I worked hard to find the right items, and before I knew it, I was shopping for items that really helped to piece together my wardrobe. This blog is all about shopping to enjoy your free time and really bolstering your wardrobe and your look. Check out this website for new information on shopping.


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Rare Spare Change: 3 Coins That Are Going To Be A Worth Fortune In Your Pocket

Before you pay with those pennies for exact change, look at them to see what they are worth. Many rare coins are still passed through public hands when change is given back at the cash register. The condition of the coins is going to also affect their value. Here are some tips to help you assess the condition of coins you find in spare change, and care for them:

1. 1969 Double-Die S Penny That Is Worth a Small Fortune

The 1969 Double-Die penny is one of the rarest and most valuable modern coins that can sometimes be found in circulations or collections. There are some specimens of this penny that have sold for over $100,000. The penny is one of the several coins that have very obvious double-striking marks on them, and they are rare examples of these types of minting errors that occur.  There are other double-die coins that are worth less because the doubling of the coin is less obvious.

2. 1975 Roosevelt Dime Without the S Mint Mark

The 1975 Roosevelt dime without the S mint mark is another example of a rare coin that can sometimes be found in circulation. These were originally proofs that made it into circulation by error and are very rare. The coins are the rarest of the missing mint mark error, which many of these types of errors never make it into circulation. The few of these coins that may be in circulation most likely was an error. If you find one of these coins, it is best to get it appraised and graded to find out its true value.

3. Various 1996-D 1$ Olympic Coins That Had Low-Mintage

The 1996-D $1 Olympic coins are also valuable, but not as valuable as some of the rare mint errors. These coins were commemorative coins minted for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. They have a low-mintage, which makes them rarer and a little more valuable than other $1 coins. These coins are most likely to be found in collections, but occasionally people spend $1 coins and they can be found in circulation. A 1996 one-dollar Olympic coin in mint condition can be worth several hundred dollars.

These are some tips that will help you assess the condition of valuable coins that you find in circulation. If you need help with placing a value on your coins, contact local coin appraisals to tell you exactly what they are worth.