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A few years ago, I realized that I really needed some new clothes to look better at work and feel more confident. I started focusing carefully on everything I needed in order to enjoy a better look, and it was amazing to see how many different pieces I needed. However, I worked hard to find the right items, and before I knew it, I was shopping for items that really helped to piece together my wardrobe. This blog is all about shopping to enjoy your free time and really bolstering your wardrobe and your look. Check out this website for new information on shopping.


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Going Shopping? 3 Ways To Find Coupons For Utah Businesses

Utah has a flourishing retail, restaurant, technology, and residential product market. However, if you are interested in saving as much money as possible, it pays to do a little digging to find a coupon or two. Here are three ways to find coupons for Utah businesses

1. Subscribe to Mailing Lists

Whether you are an e-mail person or you prefer texts, there is a mailing list for you. Many businesses reach out to their customers regularly by sending out emails or texts, giving people great information about upcoming specials, new products, and discounts.

Sign up on mailing lists for any company you want to purchase items from, and then simply unsubscribe after you have bought your item or items. When you get a notification about a deal, mark your calendar so you don't try to shop for the item after it is too late. 

2. Follow Them On Social Media

Another great place to find powerful information about deals is social media. Follow the companies you are thinking about shopping with online, and don't forget the fact that some businesses use different platforms. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn, you can stay on top of events they have planned, store openings, and other promotional material informing you of the best times to shop. 

If you have a question about the deal, social media also makes it easy to reach out. You might decide to email about the terms of the special or the expiration date, making it easy to troubleshoot potential obstacles. 

3. Check Your Snail Mail 

Printed advertising materials can be powerful, but oftentimes, people simply trash snail mail they didn't ask for. Before you throw away things like coupon calendars or full-page ads, read it to make sure it isn't advertising a deal you could take advantage of. If you find a great coupon you plan to use, and need another one, ask a neighbor of yours if you can have their copy--as long as the company allows customers to use the deal on more than one purchase. 

After you have your coupon in hand, do yourself a favor and call the business to make sure it's still valid. While coupons should have an expiration date printed onto the paper, some don't, and it pays to double-check. Consider keeping any coupons you have in a binder separated by types of businesses. For instance, you could keep all of your clothing coupons together, while putting deals for hardware on another page.